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Top Skills of the Most Productive ODM Professionals


Ever wonder how the best oncology data management (ODM) professionals stay consistently productive? It’s not out of sheer luck that top ODM pros can effectively navigate their jobs with ease and efficiency. Many of them have a strong set of technical and organizational skills that allow them to get tasks completed in the most productive way. As you grow your ODM career, here are some top skills you should develop for increasing productivity and thriving in the workplace:

Adherence to HIPAA and other privacy regulations. The handling of a vast degree of confidential patient information makes it paramount that ODM professionals have a deep understanding of HIPAA regulations. When working with patient data, ODM pros must be well-versed and knowledgeable about HIPAA (along with other standard privacy practices) and what’s involved in protecting sensitive patient information.

Effective communication. ODM specialists are expected to communicate with their organization’s IT personnel and hospital IT help desk to resolve tech issues that arise. The ability to articulate problems in a way that others can easily understand is critical for ensuring the proper handling of challenging situations. As an ODM professional, you’ll want to always be vigilant about the way in which you communicate, including your delivery and choice of words.

Adaptability to innovative technologies. With data management protocols constantly changing, it’s important that ODM pros are adept at using new technologies on a regular basis. Whether it be changing to a new registry system or transition to a different cloud computing software, technology skills are essential for excelling in the ODM field.

Data analysis. It goes without saying that data analysis is essential for data management jobs; however, you should continually keep improving your data analysis skills as you analyze results and improve the way in which information is processed. You can improve your data analysis skills by focusing on how to synthesize information and draw accurate conclusions.

Organizational skills. As an ODM specialist, you’ll be expected to manage and keep track of thousands of accounts. Your ability to organize files and folders on your computer and online networks is essential for keeping track of patient data on a regular basis.    

Developing the skills and practices above will allow you to effectively manage your time while making you a more valuable employee in your workplace. By being proactive about improving your ODM skills, you’ll accelerate your career growth and achieve greater professional success in the long run!

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