Importance of Vacation Time

Everyone needs to take a break from work, but this is especially true for healthcare employees. To perform their jobs properly, employees who work in the health information management (HIM) and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) fields must be laser focused to ensure the most accurate and complete medical records. To maintain a high level of focus on the job, it’s imperative these employees have ample vacation time to reboot and recharge. Many studies repeatedly show there are benefits to both employers and employees when employees take time off.

Below are some of the many reasons it’s important for your HIM and CDI employees to take their vacation time:

Improved physical health. Employees who take their vacation time will be less likely to incur sick days throughout the year, which will in turn boost your organization’s productivity levels and reduce employee healthcare costs. Most importantly, vacation time allows your employees to get much needed rest, helping to protect them from disease and improve their physical health. One recent study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that men who took frequent annual vacations were less likely to die from heart disease than their counterparts who forwent their vacations.  The factor of physical health especially comes into play for HIM and CDI employees who work in fast-paced environments and often experience physical fatigue from long hours.

Reduced stress. Vacations present the ideal time for employees to reduce stress and tension that may have built up on the job. When your HIM and CDI employees return to work after a relaxing vacation, they will likely have regained their mental clarity and be able to perform their jobs at their most optimal capacity. In addition, many studies show that vacations are directly associated with increased positive emotions. This directly relates to your organization’s success, as employees with better attitudes will help create a more positive workplace culture.

Better job satisfaction. In addition to improved performance, employees who go on vacations will be happier with their jobs and look forward to returning to work. In many ways, happiness is the key to success, as employees who are highly satisfied with their positions will be likely to accomplish more and remain committed to their jobs.  In turn, your organization will be able to retain its top employees and reduce employee turnover rates.

These are some of the reasons, among countless others, why it’s beneficial for your HIM and CDI employees to take their much-deserved vacation time. No matter what, your employees’ health and well-being should always be a priority. By being proactive about shaping a culture that values work-life balance, both your team and organization will reap the rewards.

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