What Makes a Good Data Manager?

As the volume of data at healthcare organizations continues to expand, there has become an increased demand for data managers to interpret and manage this body of information. And administrative healthcare professionals are now busier than ever, which means the role of data managers has become even more important. As you seek to grow your data management team, here are some top skills to look for in candidates:

Adaptability. With dramatic advances in technology taking place over the last decade, it’s essential that data managers are adaptable to new forms of technology and remain committed to understanding their role within the context of healthcare. Consistently exploring evolving technologies allows data managers to effectively develop new solutions for the successful functioning of their organizations’ data systems, ultimately improving employee productivity and patient care outcomes.

Regulatory knowledge. It’s often overlooked that data managers must be extremely aware of how regulations and compliance are connected to an organization’s success. Managers with vast regulatory knowledge are best positioned to make sure their data systems are compliant with all governmental rules and regulations concerning data privacy. The best data managers are fully equipped at integrating data protection as it relates to their company’s culture and operational procedures.

Ability to multitask. Managing complex bodies of information requires that data managers oversee many responsibilities, including on-site and remote monitoring. This means data managers must make game-changing decisions regarding their healthcare site, as well as patient levels. An ability to multitask is critical for navigating the many moving parts of data management and ensuring all aspects of data collection are being implemented in a way that’s in the best interest of the organization.

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