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What Will Medicare Part A Cover for Hospitalization in 2019?

Submitted by Cathy Massaro MSW, CCM, MPU Education SME


2019 Medicare Hospital Insurance Numbers

Part A

Hospitalization: Semi-private room and board, general nursing and other hospital services and supplies.

Benefit:                               Medicare Pays:                 Patient Pays:

First 60 days                      All but 1,364.00                    1,364.00

61st to 90th day                All but 341.00/day                 341.00 day

91st up to 150th day        All but 682.00/day                 682.00 day

(Lifetime reserve days)

Beyond 150 days                     Nothing                           All costs


Skilled Nursing Facility Care: Semi-private room and board, skilled nursing and rehabilitative services, and other services and supplies.

Benefit:                                Medicare Pays:                   Patient Pays:

First 20 days                 100% approved amount             Nothing

Next 80 days                      All but 170.50 day               170.50 day

Beyond 100 days                      Nothing                            All costs




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