Why You Need Empathy as an RN Case Manager

With so much emphasis on education and experience in the healthcare field, it’s easy to forget the importance of empathy in paving a successful career. As an RN Case Manager, empathy is essential for maintaining positive relationships in the workplace, as well as exhibiting strong emotional intelligence when issues or challenges arise.

Here are some reasons empathy will allow you to have a successful career as a RN case manager:

Social awareness. Your ability to connect with others and understand their circumstances will help you build trust among both your team and patients. Whether it’s being patient with an employee going through emotional turmoil or connecting with a patient undergoing a difficult healthcare struggle, showing awareness of your surroundings will allow you to emphasize with others when they need your support most.

Relationship management. Because RN case managers are expected to interact with a variety of healthcare professionals and patients on a regular basis, having empathy allows for more fluid and positive communication. By being empathetic, you get your point across in the most effective way without turning away others or dismissing their opinions or perspectives. This enhances the quality of your workplace relationships, as well as demonstrates a willingness to work cohesively with your team on tasks.

Patient care. Delivering high-quality patient care is strongly connected to your ability to show you truly understand patients’ concerns and are committed to easing their pain and discomfort. RN case managers who take the time to fully listen to patients will improve the patient satisfaction ratings at their facilities and make a more meaningful impact on patients’ lives from a personal standpoint.

Success as an RN case manager is not solely defined by competence and knowledge, but by an ability to empathize with employees and the patients whom you treat. Being more mindful of practicing empathy will improve your job performance over time and make your work more rewarding in the process.

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