Why Should HIM Pros Work With a Recruiter?

Healthcare Recruiters

If you’re a skilled and talented HIM professional, you have many options when it comes to employment. However, finding a job that best fits your specific skills and talents can prove to be challenging – even if you’re a highly qualified candidate. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an HIM professional making a career transition, there are many reasons to work with a recruiter on your job search.

Here are some of the ways a recruiter can help you find your next healthcare position:

Finding opportunities in your specialization. With so many different facets to the healthcare field, sometimes the breadth of open jobs can be overwhelming. A recruiter can assist specifically in finding opportunities in your specialization, such as health information technology or trauma registrar positions. Healthcare recruiters are well connected to many professional networks and employers seeking candidates with your specialization. Therefore, your recruiter can be impactful in vetting the right types of positions that align with your professional qualifications and interests.

Assistance and expertise. Because they know what employers are looking for, recruiters can provide a tremendous value in assisting with your application materials. Often a recruiter can point you in the right direction in terms of making relevant updates to your resume or helping you prepare for interviews. When you work closely with a recruiter, you’ll have access to these types of valuable insights throughout the entire application and interview process.

Accessibility to a broader range of jobs. One of the best parts about working with a recruiter is access to hundreds of unpublicized jobs. Because most staffing firms have direct relationships with employers, recruiters often have access to job openings before they’re made public. Working with a recruiter allows you exposure to many opportunities beyond typical job boards and postings, giving you a competitive edge over other job seekers in your field.

For the reasons above (among others), using a recruiter can be an instrumental part of your job search strategy. Taking advantage of these benefits will position you for greater success as you secure a new job and embark on your health information career.

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